The Road to 2020

Welcome to the home of FantasyCon: Cities of Steel, a journey set to encompass two great cities, and to bring together some of the best talents in British Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror.

In 2019, FantasyCon goes north to Glasgow, land of the Green Hollow, famous for being a bed of shipbuilding since the industrial revolution, the largest city in Scotland, and third largest in the U.K.

Then in 2020 we go to the Steel City herself, Sheffield. Heart of the industrial revolution and the steel industry in the U.K., this Yorkshire city is nestled in the eastern foothills of the Pennines.

Two cities forged in blood and steel throughout the centuries, what better places to bring together themes of science fiction, steam punk, diesel punk, cyberpunk, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, grimdark, horror and the supernatural. Join us on the road to 2020, paved with steel and riveted together with fantastical dreams and terrifying nightmares.

Join us at FantasyCon!